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The Brown Gals - Brand Identity & Website Design

Client, 2020

The Brown Gals is a transcendent space of creativity where they inspire, influence & motivate. A community for artist, creatives, entrepreneurs & all things art. The Brown Gals is a community for people that embody the definition of what a true Brown Gal or Guy is. They promote healing by tapping into customers' deepest thoughts & feelings, through Art, in a non-clinical way. They offer exceptional administrative & creative virtual assistance to business owner & influencers no matter how big or small; providing customers peace of mind & value while enhancing customers' overall day-to-day experience.

The Mission

The client was starting from scratch, after filing her business as an LLC. She needed complete branding and didn't know where to start, needing help. She asked for a logo and website design, to be targeted to black women.

The Solution

I provided a brand package, including a logo, brand style guide, website design. The client needed a brand style that was warm, minimal, and embodies the spirit of black women. I presented 3 initial draft logo designs and the client chose the best one she wanted to finalized. After that, I design her website around the style of the brand identity, making her new business ready to attract her ideal customers and make revenue.

Book A Service

  • Horizontal, vertical, & submark logos, plus brand style guide.

    350 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Alexis's signature digital art style with print or cover art design.

    998 US dollars
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