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SIMAA - Website Design

Client, 2023

SIMAA is a black-owned distributor that delivers street-level marketing of flyers & posters to 14+ routes in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, connecting artists to theatergoers, dance lovers, and other patrons, spreading the word and increasing attendance to your events.

The Mission

Already established, the client needed a revamp to his existing outdated website, where his customers order routes for him to distribute flyers & posters. Including vectorizing his logo to use for the website and having it overall.

The Solution

I created vectorized logos with a mini brand style guide for the brand to stay consistent and to be able to use logos for the new website design. Powered using Wix Studio app, the website is responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Customers are able to be informed about the business, services, routes available, drop off information, distribution options and contact information about the business, while able to order single and saturated routes.

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