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Bro Code - Brand Identity & Realism Portraits

Client, 2020

Bro Code is a gaming business of a friendship between two brothers and their youthful male audience, streaming games online and selling gaming merchandise online. They strive to share vibrant experiences, play competitive and multiplayer games online, and connect with bros who love gaming as much as they do.

The Misson

The client had issues with her previous logo/ illustration design, which showed her sons illustrated, not looking like them. She wanted a designer who was capable of painting an exact resemblance of her boys and refreshing the logo design.

The Solution

I got to know the client, Lakeisha & her boys, providing a questionnaire to understand their business and vision. I reviewed the previous logo design she presented and researched how to draw children holding objects, in which she was interested in a refresh of the previous logo. I presented two logo designs in two different color schemes. Immediately the client loved the overall outcome and chose the purple color scheme and became the face of the Bro Code gaming business.

Book A Service

  • Horizontal, vertical, & submark logos, plus brand style guide.

    350 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Alexis's signature digital art style with print or cover art design.

    998 US dollars
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