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A'lei Beauty - Brand Identity

Client, 2020

A'lei Beauty is a black-owned cosmetic beauty brand, created by Amy-Lei, a London-based TV Makeup Artist who filled the gap for black women to have more access to dark shades and beauty products that fit their skin tone at an affordable rate.

The Mission

Amy-Lei was beginning her startup company, A'lei Beauty, desiring a better logo than her original logo, which she described as a shamble. She wanted a logo that was feminine, sleek, and timeless that appealed to black women.

The Solution

I got to know Amy-Lei and her business by providing her with a questionnaire, and a series of questions to get a better understanding of her business, competitors, vision, etc. I researched beauty cosmetics, competitors, beauty brands black women shopped frequent, and logo examples Amy-Lei was inspired by, drafting 4 logo designs using different fonts and logos styles. Without hesitation, Amy-Lei chose logo design #4 which is now the face of her A'lei Beauty brand.

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